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What to expect when you hire movers in Scottsdale, AZ?

A full service includes supplying packing materials. The team will also pack all your belongings and disassemble the furniture if necessary. They will also be in charge of loading and unloading the items to the truck. Once they have transported your items, they will unpack them and dispose of the packing materials. They will also give you a plan, including the estimated time of arrival.

What to pack before the movers come?

You should pack the things you do not want them touching before they arrive. These items could be your essential documents, tickets, essential electronic devices, and a lot more. Put all the things you will be bringing with you in a separate room to prevent any issues, such as putting an item you need in the truck.

Should I pay a deposit to a moving company?

It depends on the items they are moving and the distance they will travel. However, generally, paying a deposit of around $100 to $500 is normal to secure their job. Keep in mind that a small deposit is not an issue as long as they provide you with a receipt.

Do you pay movers before or after the move?

Paying the mover after the move is the most common situation. You do not need to pay in full before the move, but you can choose to pay a down payment. Also, movers request deposits depending on the items and the distance. You can also tip the workers if you are satisfied with their services; a typical one is $4 to $5 per hour for each person, but not a must.

Should you help your movers?

Do not do anything, and just let them do their job. You can observe how they do things, but it is best not to get in their way to ensure a smooth process. When you hire professional movers, you are hiring them for their expertise. This means they know what they are doing as they have experienced moving various items, from couches to books and even fragile things.

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