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Getting to your intended destination with Vehicle Transport Service AZ

Vehicle Transport Service AZ can provide a number of options for transporting any vehicle, no matter how large or small it is. We promote open-air, covered, door-to-door, and terminal-to-terminal car transportation services. Furthermore, we provide the most expensive and luxurious car transportation.

Understanding the differences between vehicle transportation services is critical to obtaining what you require at the best possible price.


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Open-air car transport

This is the most well known mode of transportation for automobile transportation. The car is loaded onto car carriers alongside many other vehicles before being transported. This is a common sight on highways, transporting many automobiles to a dealership. A flatbed truck is an option if you only need to move one car open-air, but it will be more expensive. It is also used in door-to-door delivery. As previously stated, the most common option is open-air car shipping; however, clients will be concerned about weather and road debris during transportation.

Vehicle Transport Service Scottsdale AZ

Closed Transportation

If you're concerned about road debris and weather conditions for open car shipping, vehicle transport service AZ has several options. Covered transportation shields your vehicle from the harsh elements of the highway or expressway. There are two types of covered transportation services available.

  • Soft-sided covered transport. Although it provides better protection than open-air car shipping, it is still susceptible to damage from small objects, rain, and wind; we communicate and interact with our clients in cases of damages that will not hold us liable.

  • Hard-sided covered transport. It is recommended that additional weather and road hazard protection be installed. The advantage of hard-sided covered transport is that it can be hidden from the outside while being transported. This is the best choice for luxury vehicles.

From terminal to terminal

In the case of terminal shipping, customers must pick up and drop off their vehicles at the terminal or depot. To provide the best service to customers, the vehicle transport service TX is available in strategic locations throughout the United States. If terminal-to-terminal shipping is not possible, door-to-door delivery is a better option.

Door-to-door delivery

Door-to-door transit is more highly-priced than terminal-to-terminal shipment when traveling across the country, but it is more efficient. The disadvantage of this service is that it cannot be delivered to housing complexes or streets due to the terrain. In some cases, the driver will select a meeting location.

high-end luxury and custom cars

If you want to move your high-end vehicles safely, hard-sided covered transport is the way to go. It can be placed in the trailer's first position to help you unload your vehicle faster. It's also worth mentioning that you should talk to your car insurance provider about additional coverage. We also offer additional services for high-end cars.

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Transporting your vehicle is beneficial if you are unfamiliar with the location of your new home; this reduces the likelihood of getting lost or having your car towed because it broke down—trust Vehicle Transport Service AZ for prompt and dependable service.

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